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Tender Intelligence

In the tender bidding process, in-depth knowledge of the decision-making structure, the local partners, and competitors all contribute to a successful outcome.

Our tender support services includes identifying the actual decision makers and their interests, clarifying for our clients their unstated constraints and preferences.

We also evaluate the relative merits and standing of the various bidders and their proposals.

As the bidding and evaluation process proceeds, we keep our clients informed of the developments, as well as updating the evaluation of bid standings and success prospects.

Additional tender support services include identifying tender opportunities for our clients, recommending potential local and international partners for joint tender bids, evaluation and selection of suppliers, public relations messaging, monitoring of competitors, and identifying agents of influence.

Tender Intelligence Case Study:

A multibillion-dollar infrastructure project was announced in Saudi Arabia that attracted a number of multinational bidders. As part of the bidding process, each bidder partnered with a local consortium.

Info-Prod advised one of the foreign firms on the relative degrees of influence that each local partner had with the tender issuer, and other merits. We briefed our client on the best local firms to work with and the best consortium to join.

Info-Prod clarified for the client what the key points of interest were to the tender issuer, allowing an optimal offer to be made.

Our client heeded our recommendations and joined a consortium that won the tender.

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