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Info-Prod accepts select applicants for short and medium term internships.


Overview of the activity of our business:

IPR is a business consultancy that specializes in the Arab countries of the Middle East. Our work includes market research, risk analysis, due diligence examinations, business matchmaking, etc.

Our clients include multinational corporations, governments, and international NGOs.


Tasks and responsibilities:

Interns will work on an extremely varied list of business and research activities, which may include all forms of market research and analysis, along with marketing activities and other business projects.

Recent interns have organized and actively participated in an international conference for a European government in Jordan, produced in-depth research reports on companies and on individuals, built and operated websites, conducted marketing campaigns, and produced daily business news items, to name just a few.



  1. Excellent writing ability, especially in business writing (capable of condensing data into clear and concise reports).
  2. Able to work on several projects and tasks simultaneously.
  3. Strong research and analytic skills. You will have to process large amounts of data fast in order to produce a knowledgeable and professional evaluation and write it up on time.
  4. An understanding of business, finance and economics is preferable, although formal training is not required.
  5. Familiarity with the Middle East and Arabic is a plus.
  6. Market research, financial or other business experience a plus.
  7. Must be comfortable working independently; be able to work under impossible deadlines.



Tel Aviv, Israel



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