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Terror Financing

Info-Prod has had significant experience in dealing with questions relating to terror financing.

Managing director Dr. Gil Feiler has written extensively on this subject, has appeared in international symposiums, and has lectured directors and executives in financial institutions, law firms and government agencies about various implications related to funding of terrorism.

The past decade has seen a range of private lawsuits and government sanctions against organizations that found themselves publically and legally linked to terror supporting charities, individuals or financial institutions. In order to avoid such damaging exposure, Info-Prod has been called upon numerous times in order to ascertain that local business and businessmen do not have links to terror funding.

Info-Prod is proficient in conducting discreet investigations of these matters. We rely upon our large body of knowledge that covers the relevant local regulations in each Middle Eastern country and the many unofficial systems for money transfer in the region, and on our extensive mid- and high-level personal connections.


Terror Finance Case Study

A major European bank had a extensive business ties with a local bank in Bahrain.

At a certain stage, the European bank was informed that one of the key owners of the Bahraini bank had made consistent and significant contributions to an Islamic charity with links to terrorism funding.

Info-Prod investigated both the owner and his immediate family, and removed doubts of his connection to any charity with links to terrorism.


Sample Publication

The Globalization of Terror Funding

Dr. Gil Feiler

September 2007

BESA - Mideast Security and Policy Studies No. 74


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