About the Founders

Muzi Wertheim

Muzi WertheimMr. Wertheim is a leading industrialist and participated in establishing Coca-Cola Israel. He was appointed Managing Director of Coca Cola Israel in 1973, and Company President in 1980. He established a Carlsberg Brewery in Ashkelon under the auspices of Coca-Cola.

Mr. Wertheim is the principal shareholder in Hamizrahi Bank. He has served as President of the Israel-American Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the International Trade Commission of the Israeli Government, a member of the Board of Directors of Israel Chemicals, and has filled public posts in the government service as well as in the Israeli Manufacturers' Association.

Mr. Wertheim is known for his innovative marketing concepts, and for the introduction of commercial television. He has also entered into the areas of construction and real estate.

Mr. Wertheim holds degrees in Law and Business Management.

Over the years Mr. Wertheim has been a firm believer in the development of cross-national business and economic cooperation in Middle East, and has consistently strived to foster and encourage these ties.


Wertheim at the Hashemite Palace

Mr. Wertheim at a visit to the Hashemite Palace in Jordan


Mr. Wertheim with Mr. Lutfi Mashour, founder and editor

of the Palestinian-Israeli A-Sennara newspaper


Mr. Wertheim and Dr. Feiler at the Hashemite Palace in Jordan



Gil Feiler

Dr. Gil FeilerDr. Gil Feiler is the co-founder and Managing Director of Info-Prod, and serves as editor-in-chief of ipr Strategic Business Information Databases.

An internationally recognized authority on business and economy in the Middle East, over the past twenty years Dr. Feiler has lectured world-wide including most recently the World Economic Forum at Davos and international conferences in Taiwan, Germany, London, Paris and the USA. He is also a prolific author and has published extensively.

Leading business news services and magazines, from both the West and Arab countries, regularly quote Dr. Feiler's commercial insight on the region. Dr. Feiler is also a former Director of the Middle East Business and Economic Research Institute and has lived and worked in Israel, Egypt, and Germany.

Dr. Feiler with King Abdullah II at the Hashemite Palace in Jordan


Dr. Feiler with Amr Moussa in Egypt


Dr. Feiler with Dr. Khalil Shikaki and Professor Bernard Lewis


Dr. Feiler at the private orphanage inside the Royal Palace at Amman, Jordan



Dr. Feiler with Richard Gere at the World Economic Forum in Davos


Dr. Feiler at the Quai d'Orsay, France


Dr. Feiler at the home of Prince Hassan of Jordan


Dr Feiler with Saif Gaddafi of Libya


Dr. Feiler at a meeting with Palestinian officials in Gaza


Dr. Feiler meeting with top Palestinian businessmen, 1992


Dr. Feiler at Middle East conference in Taipei

Dr. Feiler during Palestinian-Israeli Track II negotiations


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